Self Design Studio

Self Design Studio (SDS) is an immersive, participatory program for those who want self clarity and confidence to effectively navigate professional and life transitions.

The SDS process integrates both personal and professional development in a supportive learning environment, so that each learner comes away with a holistic perspective of their professional self and how to take action on advancing their career.

SDS Growth Phases

Phase 1:


Discover values, strengths, growth areas though a holistic self-identity and 360° feedback process.


360° Insights Report

Phase 2:


Integrate 360° learnings into a new professional brand for attracting target career audiences.


Professional Brand Guide

Phase 3:


Design a portfolio to promote

professional brand and

advance to next career milestone.


Professional Portfolio

Action Plan

Success & Career Coaching

The most impactful way to deliver meaningful growth and achieve personal and professional goals.

Learners work with Impello Coaches during SDS to get clarity on what's next, build confidence, and get honest feedback. On completion of SDS, learners continue working with Impello Coaches to reach their next professional milestone.

The Impact of SDS

SDS provides immediate and practical value to every one of our learners through the development and promotion of their professional vision. Learners who go through our SDS growth process:

Launch new businesses

Make meaningful career and personal advancements

Pursue new opportunities

What Our Learners Are Saying

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