Impello is fueled by the shared passions of its co-founders & associates, who are dedicated to enhancing career access and promoting holistic personal and professional growth.

Our mission is to create seamless integration between career mobility and individual development.

Our Team

Bevis Cheng

Co-founder & CEO

A business leader and lifelong learner, Bevis is is driven by creating equal access and opportunities in education

Serena Cheng

Co-founder & Chief Product Officer

Serena is a passionate educator and has led business and product strategy to create new ventures and products

Brian Lee

Facilitator & Coach

A global citizen and executive coach, Brian prioritizes mindfulness and cross-cultural competency in his work

Tatiana Machado-Griffin

Facilitator & Coach

Tatiana is a teacher and facilitator at heart, and is passionate in helping others unlock their potential

Our Advisors

Prof. Dr. James Hall

Dean & Executive Director

@Rochester Institute of Technology

Amy Schultz

Global Head of Talent


Joshua Clark

Head of Learning & Careers

@Red Hat

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