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Impello is an industry leader in the

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Impello is an industry leader in the provision of high quality embedded life and career path design services.

Dr. James Hall

Dean of University Studies and
Executive Director, School of Individualized Study
Rochester Institute of Technology

How We Help

Now, more than ever, learners at all stages of their career are facing accelerated change and questioning purpose, goals and values. We understand the unique challenges faced by institutions in providing individualized career guidance for learners seeking career advancement and mobility opportunities. That's why we've created a comprehensive solution that delivers exceptional results.

Self Design Studio is an immersive professional branding and career development program designed exclusively for learners seeking their next career milestone. Embed Self Design Studio in existing programs or as a standalone and stackable certificate.

Scale and enhance

career education

Increase career mobility

and employment outcomes

Provide individualized

pathways and coaching

Case Study

How RIT's School of Individualized Studies embedded personalized career education and coaching in the academic experience.

The MS Professional Studies (MSPS), is an individualized and interdisciplinary program with a diverse student body - from career starters, career advancers to career changers.


Each learner experiences a unique set of challenges where they need help to define their professional and educational goals, build a plan for success, and how to navigate the vast learning options to build a pathway specific to their goals.


To provide individualized career development at scale, we tailored Self Design Studio and embedded it into the MSPS program as a semester-long and credit-bearing course. Impello facilitators delivered the program live and online, and provided 1:1 coaching for learners at key growth phases of the program.


We created capacity for the MSPS program to provide individualized career education at scale for learners at different career stages. Each learner came away with a personalized professional brand and portfolio, and an action plan that defined the training and content support needed to achieve their next career milestone.

Our Results



Learners more confident on how to promote their professional brand






Learners more confident in being self-directed in their career development

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