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Impello’s Self Design Studio is built for the diverse and individual needs of employee learning to foster growth and belonging.

What We Offer

Self Design Studio

Impello’s Self Design Studio is an immersive program that integrates your personal  and professional development in a supportive learning community. 

The process engages discovery through 360° and self-evaluation, integration of learnings into your brand, and design of your professional vision and growth plan. You come away from Self Design Studio with a holistic perspective of your professional self and how to take action on your career.


Deep dive into the relationships and facets of your life that define personal and professional identity and values.


Integrate 360 insights to professional brand and positioning, define career goals and identify areas for growth.


Build your Professional Vision Guide and Personal Growth Plan to approach new opportunities and promote yourself.

   Why     Establish your professional brand, approach new opportunities, promote yourself

   Who     Early to mid-career individuals seeking next career move or advancement

  What    6-week program – 2 hour sessions per week and 2-3 hours of independent work each week

   How     Sessions are live and online – learn in a facilitated and supportive community 

 Pricing  $1,195  for individuals – please contact us for group pricing


Program Outcomes 

 – Key Outputs: Professional Vision Guide and Personal Growth Plan

 – Build self awareness and confidence to guide career path

 – Expand your professional network and opportunities

We design and integrate with diverse learning ecosystems built around your organizations and people.

For Companies

For Individuals

What People Are Saying

Jamie Giroux

Jamie G.

Chief Information Security Officer

“Self Design Studio helps you become a more effective communicator, more in touch with the responses of others, and more in tune with where you want to go.”

Becky Moore

Becky Moore

Director of Product & Marketing

“It was a holistic and transformational process for self-development. It gave me perspective of my professional self and how to develop my brand.”

Justin Tang

Justin Tang

System Engineer

“Impello helped me rethink where I am in my career path, allowing me to work with people who are in similar circumstances and receiving different ideas and perspectives.”

Our Philosophy

Integral Education

The core of integral education is focusing on the whole person: our physical, intellectual, spiritual and emotional growth. There are so many parts to who we are than just the mind. Impello’s educational experience is about exploring the ways to learn by integrating different pedagogies and practices.

We bring in the fullness and breadth of whole-person learning to complement the diverse learning ecosystems and needs on a company and individual level. Traditional education and learning lacks an integrated approach: it is very siloed. As a result, learners tend to be too narrowly focused, lack interdisciplinary and broader awareness or approaches that are needed in our changing world.

At Impello, we educate the whole person – the mind, the heart and the hands.

Who We Are

Our Leaders

Bevis Cheng

Co-founder & CEO

Serena Cheng

Co-founder &
Chief Product Officer

Our Advisors

Joshua Clark

Head of Learning & Careers @Red Hat

Amy Schultz

Global Head of Talent @Canva

Dr James Hall

Dean & Executive Director @Rochester Institute of Technology

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